What does Brain Gym Do?

Activates your brain and body for optimal functioning and learning

Releases stress and anxiety from your system

Builds confidence and self esteem

Increases vitality and energy

Improves memory, communication, organisation, academic and study skills, and performance

Helps develop mind/body awareness so you can recognize the physical, emotional and mental signs that you are switching off and getting stressed.

How Does Brain Gym work?

Movement is needed to stimulate learning and thinking. When we move, we activate and switch on areas in the same parts of the brain that are used for learning and thinking.

Brain Gym specifically switches on the different parts of the brain used in learning.

Who can benefit from Brain Gym?

Brain Gym can be safely and effectively used by people of all ages:

o Babies & Toddlers

o Pre-school Children

o School Children

o Students

o Parents

o Teachers/ Educators

o Professional and Business People

o Musicians

o Athletes

o Elderly People

o Disabled People