Denise McGann Dip Teaching, Registered Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant, Educational Consultant

Is again presenting the practical, exciting, respected Professional Development

Brain Gymâ in the Classroom Level 1


Relevant and suitable for Pre-School, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary levels and Adult Education

In this Professional Development Workshop, you will learn:

¨ How and why Brain Gymâ works

¨ The 26 Brain Gym movements

¨ PACE – a specific sequence of Brain Gymâ movements that helps your students to settle down, relax, pay attention and effectively ‘switch on’ to learn.

¨ Different ways you can easily implement Brain Gymâ â in the classroom.

¨ Learn which sets of Brain Gymâ movements are most useful for improving reading, writing spelling, speaking and listening, maths, sports, PE, music, drama, art and keyboarding.

The Brain Gymâ movements are easy, quick and enjoyable as they ‘switch on’ the areas of the brain that are needed to cope with the days learning and functioning.

By using Brain Gymâ movements regularly your students will be:

Brain Gymâ is extremely useful when working with children or adults with any type of learning or behavioural difficulties, dyslexia or ADD/ADHD. It is especially relevant for integration and special needs students. Thousands of children and adults have benefited by doing the Brain Gymâ movements outlined in this workshop. Parents and other interested people are most welcome.


Level 1 Workshops (1 day)


Presenter: Denise McGann

Comments from Teachers who are using Brain Gym in their Classrooms

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I am primary teacher and have taught since graduating in 1982 in Preschools, Primary, High Schools and TAFE. I have full international accreditation as a Brain Gym® Consultant and Instructor.

I have introduced brain Gym® into many schools across the Riverina and have assisted teachers to implement it into their classrooms. I assist Early Intervention teachers with their programs. I work full time as a consultant and work with babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. I am qualified to teach 1-day courses covering the basic Brain Gym exercises and the 4-day Brain Gym® 101 course. I can also tailor shorter workshops for specific needs and can provide ongoing support for the staff. I have spent the past 8 years training in Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology and will continue to train because I can see the difference it is making to children’s learning, behaviour and self-esteem. I have used it successfully in the classroom as a full-time, part-time and casual teacher. Working as a consultant, I receive referrals from teachers, doctors and Kip McGrath Chiropractors, speech therapists to assist individual children and adults. Preschool Teachers who use Brain Gym® are noticing a difference with the children. Teachers and businesses are continually asking for Brain Gym workshops.

I have just returned from the International Brain Gym Gathering in Brisbane. This Gathering had never been held in Australia before. I had the opportunity to participate in workshops that have only been taught oversees and access to the most brilliant presenters. Everything I have learnt has been used for years and has changed so many children’s and adult’s lives. I have already been incorporating the movements into my work and have been impressed with the results. This also means I have more for you to be able to use with your students that will enhance their lives.